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December 30, 2010

Renting a holiday home in Sardinia..priceless freedom.Renting a holiday home in Sardinia..priceless freedom.

Renting a holiday home in Sardinia means renting an apartment, a villa, a studio or a loft all completely furnished and with an assortment of facilities and gadgets. So during our stay, we have at our total disposal a house usually situated near the sea which will  begin to feel a bit like home.
The freedom that comes with this kind of holiday is priceless. If we want to stay on the beach until 9 pm and relish a blissful sunset, have a chat with some newly acquired adventure companions, or contemplate a breathtaking nuraghe hidden in the inland…we can! Read more »

December 22, 2010

Those who choose to stay in a Holiday farm are looking for a different holiday, more personal, in the search of true beauty and genuinity, crucial characteristics of many Holiday farms in Sardinia that need to be discovered in all their nuances.Sardinian Holiday oasis.

Sardinia is in fact the ideal location for accommodation immersed in nature, here the Mediterranean vegetation thrives luxuriantly in every corner, unspoilt is its keyword. The green of the pine trees, the cypresses, junipers is in a variety of shades only to be interrupted by the vivid orange of the strawberry trees or the vibrant yellow of the brooms. If particularly lucky, we might get a glimpse of a wild boar or admire the regal elegance ofa deer. Such a joy to the eyes and the senses. Just about everything has been said about the colurs and fragrance of the sea, in truth difficult to describe eloquently, I can merely suggest to see it with one’s own eyes and “savour” the sensations it gives. Read more »

December 21, 2010

Ricotta gnocchi..a Sardinian variation
Gnocchi are usually made with potatoes or semolina, this recipe comes from Sassari and uses ricotta cheese instead of the potatoes, therefore making the dish much lighter, though equally scrumptious.  Here it is served in a tomato and basil sauce  and topped with some grated parmesan. Another very popular version is with  butter and sage, again topped with a coating of grated parmesan.  This is just an example of the excellent food one can find in the many B&Bs or holiday farms scattered all over the island.

Ricotta Gnocchi Read more »

December 20, 2010

Poetry and feeling in Nuoro

Maria Grazia Deledda is no doubt Sardinia’s best known writer, but few know that most of her education was self taught as she finished her studies at primary school as was the custom (for women in particular) in those days. What moved her was a passion for Sardinian tradition and all that concerned the social and political issues of her much loved land. She was born in Nuoro from a wealthy family (her father was a landowner and mayor of the town) but her youth was characterised by a series of unhappy events; the deaths of two sisters, of her father and the imprisonment of a brother. All this sadness created in her an acute perception of pain and love which she managed to transmit superbly in her novels.  Read more »

December 17, 2010

Cap d'Any in Alghero: the program!

From tonight the lively Alghero will be host to  the famous “Cap d’Any” characterised by a series of events in pure festive mood. The Piazzetta Pietraia, from the 17th to the 20th of December will hold lots of different Christmas shows, this afternoon the Christmas  market will be inaugurated and will be brimming with irresistible objects and delicacies.   The festive season will be distinguished by a variety of concerts and even a painting exhibition. So in this period Alghero will abound  in choirs and  music for all tastes, from Gospel to classical, as well as a beautiful Christmas market.
New Year’s eve celebrations will start at 11.00 am with an itinerant Band that will animate the entire city centre, Read more »

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