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March 4, 2013

Sardinia is an incredible windy island, where winds of Mistral, Sirocco, Grecale, Libeccio, Ponente and Levante blow almost every day so intensely.
In addition to the above winds, coming from global perturbations, also the thermal wind (or breeze) blows, from April to October, in many areas of Sardinia (as Cagliari, Capoterra) with a constant intensity. Read more »

April 24, 2012

Nordic walking in Sardinia: the IglesienteThe lovers of nordic walking in Sardinia have a place that boasts beautiful paths totally immersed in nature: it’s the Iglesiente, along the west coast of this Mediterranean island. And the best trails for nordic walking in this area of Sardinia are six, all different from each other and with varying difficulty.

The easiest trails for nordic walking in Iglesiente are two: the first one starts from Pranu Dentis and comes to the mine San Luigi, through places important for their nature and for the industrial archaeology;  the second path, from the bridge over the Rio Gutturu Cardaxius to Genna Arenas, passes through canyons, near ancient mines and nearby rural villages.

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March 9, 2012

Climbing in SardiniaSardinia’s not only for those who like swimming and take long sunbath laid on the pure sand of its seaside. Sardinia and, specifically, Ogliastra is also the place for rock climbing lovers who enjoy its wonderful cliffs on the sea. Ogliastra, the most mountainous of the eight areas in which Sardinia is parted (there you can find Punta la Marmora, 1834 mt, the highest peak of Sardinia). This area’s also the less inhabited, still deep-rooted in farming and craft activities. Beside this, hospitality facilities are ready to warmly receive climbers the whole year.
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March 2, 2012

Hiking in SardiniaForesta dei Sette Fratelli - The Forest of Seven Brothers- , which is part of the natural area of Sette Fratelli-Mount Genis, is a state property  area which is located in the province of Cagliari, easily accessible from the Sardinian capital. This forest is a place where lovers of trekking and hiking can discover the wild and unexplored side of Sardinia.

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February 10, 2012

Strumpa: Sardinian fightAmong the ancestral traditions of Sardinia, Sardinian fight or s’istrumpa is one of the oldest and most durable. Maybe because the man remains a man and, with it, remains the need to confront the challenges and demonstrate strength, courage, fairness and… Balance. Elements composing s’istrumpa or, how is better known: strumpa.

Since its name (in Sardinian language it means: toss to the ground), you can imagine the purpose of the challenge: ground your opponent. In many respects, strumpa is assimilated to the greek-roman fight with which probably shares the same origins.

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