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December 27, 2011

The history of the Sardinian language has very ancient origins. It is a neo-latin language that has a linguistic apparatus that dates back to the conquest of the ancient Romans, is in fact a so-called Romance languages ​​because it has been infiltrated by the vulgar Latin that was spoken in the Roman Empire. The Sardinian language is a real heritage that is jealously guarded and handed down because do not lose their origins.

The history of the Sardinian language has had an important appointment 15 October 1997 when the Regional Law n.26 recognized the Sardinian language as a second official language of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia in order to promote and protect it.

The region also has its own official Sardinian language from April 18, 2006 that can be used by the Region itself in some istitutional acts. The intent is to create a Limba Sarda Comuna that encompasses the variety of languages ​​spoken in Sardinia and the most common and most widely spoken. For years, experts, trying to bring order, have identified two main areas: a central-northern or Logudorese and the other southern or Campidanese, in turn subdivided into more circumscribed areas.

The history of the Sardinian language is a real cultural heritage.