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The weather in Sardinia is typically Mediterranean.  During the cold season, prevalently mild, humid mistral winds from the northwest blow while in spring and summer, the winds from Africa are traditionally hot and dry.  The north-western region is rainy while the climate in the south is much dryer.
The temperatures are mild with an annual average varying between +14°C to +20°C ; there are noticeable increases in the summer with an average of +30°C to +35°C, occasionally reaching +40°C.
The winter temperatures on average vary between +9°C and +10°C in the coastal regions and can be as low as 0°C in the highlands of the Gennargentu mountain range.
November and December are the rainy season while the driest months are July and August; it rains irregularly throughout the rest of the year.  On the whole, general precipitation is not low and is between 500/600 mm a year in the flatlands, up to 700/800 mm in the interior hills and above 900 m, it reaches 1000 mm.  In higher altitudes, especially on the higher parts of the Gennargentu mountain range over 1500 m, precipitation is in the form of snow that lasts for several months of the year.

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