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Your questions and our replies


Can I make a reservation on website without being registered?
You do not need to sign up but we suggest you to register to our newsletter to be updated about the current offers.

How can I make a reservation?
Once you have calculated your estimate you will view a summary and a form to be completed with your personal data. You are requested to select the method of payment and click on “reserve” to access to the payment page. Once the payment has been completed you will receive a confirmation email and the booking documents. Timing varies depending on the method of payment chosen.

How can I book a ferry?
Once you have calculated your estimate you will view a summary with the total price and a form to be completed with passengers data and vehicles details. During emission data entered will be automatically forwarded to the ferry company: please be careful to double check them and fill all required fields before confirming. You can pay your tickets only with credit card or MyBank.


Do I need to pay the full amount during reservation?
For accommodation, only non- refundable rates need to be pre-paid upon reservation, while for refundable rates you can choose to pay a deposit upon reservation and the final balance 30 days before arrival. If you choose to pay a deposit you will receive immediately a confirmation email, if you pay the full amount you will receive the voucher to print and show at the check-in (the voucher will be sent only when the final balance has been paid). For a ferry ticket, the full amount has to be paid upon reservation.

How does the credit card payment work?
You can pay with any credit or debit card also if the card holder is not the same as the reservation holder. The payment will be managed by the Banca Sella’s Gestpay system in total safety. You need to enter your credit card details and the payment will be immediate. Once the payment has been completed you will receive a notification payment email.

How to protect my credit card details?
During the payment the card's details are directly entered on the server SSL3 SHA-256 / RSA (2048-bit) which is the best safety standard managed by Banca Sella. Clients’ credit card codes are not disclosed to

When my credit card will be debt?
The payment is immediate and automatic.

Why do I need to provide my personal data? request information only for reservations. For further information regarding the processing of personal data please see the disclaimer about privacy.

How does the bank transfer payment work?
Bank details are shown in the payment page and they will be sent you also by mail together with a unique code to be used on the transfer form to identify your reservation. With the traditional bank transfer the credit is not immediate, and to confirm the reservation a copy has to be promptly sent by email (replying to the email with the bank details, or sending it to or by fax. Once the copy of the bank transfer has been sent, your reservation will be pre-confirmed but you will receive a confirmation email only when receive the transfer credit.

How does the MyBank online bank transfer work?
If your bank is part of the MyBank membership you can follow the guided procedure and make an online transfer using your bank’s username and password. With MyBank the payment is immediate and your reservation will be confirmed immediately.


Why do I have to indicate my children's age?
The discounts for children are applied only for specific age range, and depends on the accommodation facility or on the ferry company. This is why you need to enter your children's age at the time of travelling and the correct number of them even if sleeping with their parents.

Rates for accommodation available on the website are per person or per room and night?
On our site you will find the lowest price per person per night available for each accommodation facility. The system simulate a quotation which includes all the nights and all the people indicated. Additional and compulsory charges are displayed in the final page, and if you want to reserve or just sending an availability request, you need to entered your data and go ahead. Vat is always included.

Can rates vary overnight?
Rates and availabilities for accommodation or ferries are valid at the moment of the quotation and can be subjected to variations regardless of The only way to be sure rates do not increase is booking at the time of the quotation as, especially in some periods of the year, rates suddenly change.

Do you recommend an early booking or waiting for a last minute?
Often availability finishes in advance and last minute for ferries or accommodations may not be available. We recommend you to evaluate with our consultants on a case-by-case basis if it is better to wait for a last minute solution. Please note that usually attractive discounts are applied for early booking reservations. Sometimes clients cancel their reservation and in these cases you can find last minute offers at lower rates.


What happens after the reservation has been confirmed?
Once the payment has been completed you will receive the voucher to show at the check-in. On the voucher you can find a unique booking code which identifies your reservation and a summary of what you have booked and paid including the additional costs to be paid on the spot. Tickets for ferries are immediately issued and sent to the email address provided.

What happens if I lose my voucher or my tickets?
If you lose your tickets you can ask for a copy communicating us name, surname, dates of your stay or ferry and the name of the hotel/residence/apartment.

How can I know if my reservation has been confirmed?
For accommodation facilities, confirmation will be sent by email and time varies according to the handling queue, while for ferry, tickets are sent automatically once the payment has been completed.

Do I have to confirm my reservation directly to the property?
No, reservation is confirmed by We send a copy of the voucher also to the property. The property will have also the confirmation email with your unique code and a summary of the reserved services.


Is it possible to modify my reservation?
To make a change in a reservation you need to send a request to specifying your booking code. We will check the possibility to modify your reservation and if rates’ implementations occur we will calculate a new quotation for the change requested. Only after your approval we will make the variation (upon the payment of a possible rate’s implementation).

Is it possible to cancel my reservation?
It is always possible to cancel your reservation but the refund conditions may vary depending on the cancellation period and on the booking rate applied. Reservations with have to be cancelled with Refunds for cancellations directly with the property or with the ferry company may be required more time to be handled.

Is there any cost for a booking cancellation?
A booking cancellation is subject to a cancellation penalty which can be viewed during the quotation request and accepted when booking. The majority of the accommodation facilities do not apply a penal for cancellations 30 days before the arrival. Please note that possible costs for refunding are on your charge. The cancellation of a ferry’s ticket incurs on a fixed penal of € 40,00 and additional penalties depending on the period of cancellation and the rate applied. A partial cancellation of a reservation (e.g. the cancellation of some nights or the cancellation of some extra facilities for the ferry) is subject to the same conditions applied for the total cancellation.

What happens if I need a refund? will refund you directly on your credit card in case you have used it to pay the final balance 6 months before refund. If the payment has been issued with the card more than 6 months before refund or has been issued with a bank transfer you will be requested to provide the bank details.


If I need help who can I contact? will be your point of reference also after reservation. In case you need help to reach the property you can always contact the telephone number provided in the voucher: useful to have a direct contact and when office is closed.

What happens if my flight is late?
You have to contact as soon as possible the property using the telephone number available on the voucher. In case you have booked also the transfer you need to advice the driver with the number provided in the confirmation email.

How do I know whether my booking has been confirmed?

After completing the on line booking procedure you will receive the email “Booking Confirmed”. In attachment you will find a voucher to print and present upon your arrival at the property as proof of your reservation.