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Su Gorroppu

This itinerary must be seen by trekking enthusiasts (but not only) in all of Europe. The Gola di Gorroppu (Gorroppu gorge) is located between the Orgosolo and Urzulei Supramonte area. It is also known as the "Grand Canyon of Europe" due to its high, narrow, vertical walls that reach 200 meters in height, which indisputably make it the deepest in gorge Europe. This imposing cleft of incomparable beauty was eroded over the course of the millenniums by the Flumineddu river whose waters form numerous small lakes and waterfalls in an extremely enchanting panorama. When entering the gorge, it is recommended to proceed along the path that flanks the right wall.

Reaching the gorge is quite easy: descending from the town of Dorgali towards the Oddoene region, you must follow the valley of the Flumineddu river. After approximately ten kilometres, you arrive at a fork near which there is a deviation to the right, marked by a sign for Tiscali. Proceeding along this road until the Sa Barva bridge, you will find a sign indicating the road (to be taken on foot) that will directly take you to the gorge in approximately two hours.
We recommend following the route with adequate equipment (hiking shoes in particular), especially after the first kilometre and a half, and for longer trips, it would be safer to have a guide.
The best periods for this type of trip are spring and summer: in fact, in the autumn, due to the rains and consequential swelling of the river, the path can become quite dangerous.

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