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Bue Marino Grotto

The name of this grotto, one of the most famous and largest in Sardinia for its size and the height of some of its rooms, comes from the nickname given to the monk seal; a mammal that until a few decades ago lived and gave birth to its young inside of it. Today, it is quite rare to see an example of this marine species and according to a few, they no longer actually exist.
The Bue Marino grotto can be reached both by sea with the barges in charge of the service leaving from the Cala Gonone marina as well as by land by a recently built road and a path.
The grotto is located approximately four kilometres from the Cala Gonone marina. The surface covers an area of 5 kilometres and is divided into two branches: the north branch and the south branch. The part that can be visited is properly equipped and illuminated and includes a large tunnel inside of which seawater penetrates and numerous small fresh-water lakes are found.
The tour with which to reach the grotto leaves from Cala Fuili and lasts approximately four hours and has a very low level of difficulty. It is done with a guide and the participants are supplied with a helmet with acetylene illumination.  Inside this grotto with incredibly picturesque scenery, a path can be followed for 1200 meters and along which it is possible to see numerous stalactites and stalagmites in addition to different faunal species, which are typical of the spot.
There are up to seven guided visits per day.

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