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Sa Oche and Su Bentu (The voice and the wind) Grottos

It is possible to reach the Su Gologone area from the Lanaittu valley, which extends towards the centre of the Supramonte area. The Sa Oche rivulet is the Lanaittu stream, whose water brought about the formation of extraordinary karstic phenomena during the course of the Millenniums.
The Lanaittu valley – imposing karstic system of international speleological interest - is precisely one of the  areas of the Supramonte enriched with the most chasms, splits and grottos, the most important of which are certainly those of Sa Oche (the Voice) and Su Bentu (the Wind).

The two grottos - connected to each other by an entirely-submerged 100-meter long siphon - cover approximately 18 kilometres. Both have small lakes located on various levels, large kilometre-long rooms reaching 100 meters in height and are embellished by marvellous stalactites and multiple concretions that make it an exceptionally beautiful place.
These grottos are unique in their multiplicity as they include every karstic aspect present in the world; in fact, inside you can find extremely narrow tunnels, the ground enriched with sharp crystals, stalagmites of every size, internal splits tens-of-meters long, small, underground lakes and quartzose sand that was deposited in ancient times…

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