Sardinian routes: the mines of Sulcis

Sardinia is a rich land offering many possibilities for those who visit it. Dreamy Seascapes, delicious food, nightlife, jet-set, exclusive shops. The variety of environments that can be appreciated and to choose is enormous and it is nice to discover and explore this wonderful land. Among the possible itineraries one of the most unusual it is certainly that of the Sulcis mines in the south west of Sardinia. An excellent opportunity for a path somewhere between history, archeology, industrial art. (more…)

Easter in Sardinia: the Holy Week of Iglesias

In Iglesias, Sardinia, the Holy Week follows an ancient ritual, dating back to the Sixteenth Century: indeed, the Arciconfraternita del Santo Monte organizes the celebrations since the mid 1500’s, when it was founded. And during the Holy Week in Iglesias, the most important and characteristic moment is the Good Friday, the day of the Procession of Descenso.

The Procession of Descenso takes place at night, along the roads Iglesias. This is a ritual with a precise order: Matracconis announce the procession, followed by the drum and the Cross of the Arciconfraternita, by the Babbalottis (boys of up to thirteen years dressed in clothes typical of this event), the Association of Santissimo Sacramento and the G. Verdi music band.


Alghero: Bogamarì Festival 2012

From 25 February 2012 to 25 March 2012 will take place at Algero the Festival of Bogamarì, one of the culinary events most anticipated by citizens and tourists. The slogan "Alghero, a city of the sea urchin," emphasizes the historical and economic importance represented by the bogamarì (sea urchin). At the festival of the sea urchin of Alghero, people come from all over the world, eager to sample signature dishes, based on the bogamarì. The old town of Alghero on the occasion turns into a big banquet where tourists and locals alike can taste and buy all the dishes of this delicacy. The main course is spaghetti with sea urchin, a recipe for easy preparation remained unchanged over the years to bring to the table a unique flavor, appreciated even by the most refined palates. (more…)

Tonara, the Sardinian Nougat Festival 2012

It’s the chance to enjoy one of the most typical and delicious delicacies that Sardinia has to offer: we are talking about the Sardinian nougat Festival hosted by the town of Tonara, Barbagia. Event which, in 2012, will reach a milestone, celebrating its thirty-third edition. In 2012 too, by tradition, the Sardinian nougat Festival will take place in the Easter weekend and will last three days: Saturday, Sunday and Monday. (more…)