St. George: traditional festivals in Sardinia

The Sardinian tradition is rich in festivals and fairs covering the most important moments of the religious calendar and of rural life. Often, these two dimensions are inextricably linked, creating a long-standing folk tradition.

This is the case of the feast of St. George Martyr of Perfugas, rural event from the distant origins. The tradition of the festival is renewed every year in the second half of April.


The small horses of Giara upland of Gesturi

The horses of the Gesturi’s Giara are an ancient breed of horses become famous for their small size. Elegant and proportionate, with a thick mane, have nothing to envy to normal horses. The origin of these animals, who still live in the wild plateau of the Giara, is shrouded in mystery. The most credible theory confirm that they are not a native breed of the island, but were brought by Phoenician or Greek sailors. (more…)

Excavations of Olbia: archeological finds recovered

In the city of Olbia, thanks to ongoing excavations of archaeologists, it  has been possible with the passing years to bring to light many artifacts, and to establish with certainty that in the same place in the past there was an ancient Roman necropolis. With the passage of time have been uncovered rings, ships, spas that have enriched the archaeological heritage of the city. Over the last few days in the yard of Olbia's excavation, were found archeological finds of great historical importance as the treasures of San Simplicio, considered sacred, and tombs dating back to imperial's age. (more…)

St. Francis of Lula: 1st May in Sardinia

That of May 1, for the Shrine of St. Francis of Lula, a few kilometers from Nuoro, is a popular event in Sardinia. It is a festival confirming, each year, the people devotion to the saint. But this devotion goes far beyond the territorial boundaries of Lula. The cumbessias: guest quarters for pilgrims coming from far away, are the demonstration of that wide devotion.


Easter holidays in Sant’Antioco Island

The island of Sant Antioco is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt place of Sardinia. Covering an area of ​​108 square kilometers and two municipalities, the island looks like a bulwark against overcrowding, as a natural resource to preserve and enjoy. Unspoiled coastal corners, a few scattered houses in the countryside, roads passable only on foot and protected angles of the sea make Sant'Antioco Easter holiday a unique experience. Besides this, the three-day holiday offer the possibility to organize itineraries inside to know the area and appreciate the landscape. The island has Sites of Community interest (Sic) very characteristic, as “Is pruinis” and the salt marshes, which are a real ecosystem coastline that attracts migratory birds such as herons and flamingos. (more…)