A medieval revisitation in Cagliari…fun and history!

A medieval revisitation... Fun and History!

A long time ago, between the IX and XV century,  Sardinia was divided into four distinct reigns called Giudicati, these were:  Arborea,  Cagliari,  Torres/Logudoro and Gallura.
The four States  were Sovereign states, therefore totally autonomous, and were governed by, “Giudici” (judikes in Sardinian) , their  laws and structure were based on the  Roman and Bizantine  system,  yet they were also characterized by  peculiar  local touches probably dating back  to the Nuragic civilization.
The States were in many ways quite modern with respect to their European   contemporaries of Feudal origin, as they were  non patrimonial states  (they didn’t belong to the sovereign)but super-individual, in other words, they belonged to the people.In fact, one of the most modern features of the Giudicati was the “Corona de Logu”,  a council representing the citizens’ approval. The Judikes’ were also submitted to the  local aristocracy’s consent.
The statue of the female Giudice  Eleonora dArborea and the Mariano Tower  located in the main squares of Oristano are evidence of this happy period, like  the extraordinary Church of Saccargia in the Sassari province  and the Church of  San Simplicio in  Olbia. To keep this memory alive,   the 4th  and 5th of December the  association  Memoriae Milites is organising in the park of   Monte Claro in Cagliari, the  “V Torneo del Liofante”  ( Elephant tournament).

The Association  Memoriae Milites was created by a group of friends,  all sharing  the same passion for  history, that of Sardinia in particular. The Association studies and recreates ancient Medieval battle techniques, fencing in particular, and it has also managed to reproduce and “put on scene”  the costumes of the period, which was probably one of the most significant of the island.  These fascinating ancient times are restored through the careful study of old documents, and a Medieval Sardinia is literally brought back to life thanks  to this extraordinary  initiative  consisting in a variety of events and shows, all in traditional costumes, often with the help of  both public and private institutions.

Memoriae Milites

Currently, the historical periods covered by the Group  refer mostly to the Roman and Medieval times, particular attention is given to the period of  the  “Giudicato of Arborea” the most influential of the “giudicati” and characterised by the extraordinary female Judge Eleonora d’Arborea. Recently the Nuragic era has also become another topic of interest and study .
With regards to the Medieval period,  “Memoriae Milites” is anxious to show and relive  the epic periods of the four “Giudicati”, specially through the study and display of fencing.  The Group’s very  logo  reproduces an uprooted  tree , (the coat of arms of the Arborea  Giudicato) and underneath has transferred the battle cry of the armed forces of the “Judikes” .

The  great success and popularity of the Liofante tournament has brought it to its fifth edition and on Saturday 4th  and Sunday 5th of December, alongside the collaboration of Cagliari, the Memoriae Milites will be happy to  re-evoke  a Medieval atmosphere with battles and costumes and much, much more, set amongst the nature of the   Monte Claro park in Cagliari.

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