Autmnn in Barbagia 2011: Fonni and its traditions

One of the last stages of Autumn in Barbagia 2011 is Fonni, which proudly showcases crafts and antique traditional Sardinian dishes. Four days to discover the objects of daily life of the country. His attachment to the past Fonni demonstrates with numerous events throughout the year that drive the country, such as the Feast of the Martyrs, the Palio, the carnival and the “Co’one de prore”, bread dedicated to the Spring.

Autumn in Barbagia in Fonni opens Thursday, December 8,  with the opening of the Cortes and exhibitions, with a live nativity scene, “If Jesus had been born in Fonni” typical clothes made in Fonni ​​ and a representation of the ancient crafts. Friday 9 and Saturday 10 opens an exhibition to the invitation to read dedicated to Italo Calvino called “The books help to read the world”. Integrated with a experiential photography workshop on the streets of Fonni to teach the techniques of storytelling through images.

On Sunday are revealed the secrets of “On Co’one ‘and Vrores” the volitional bread of St. John, while the knights in costumes and the masks “Sas Mascheras Limpias” parade through the streets of the town. Autumn in Barbagia 2011 in Fonni closes with the chestnut and dances open to all.

Find out the best chance to enjoy this event and to stay in a hotel or in a holiday house in the area of Fonni.

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