Autumn in Barbagia 2011: open museums at Orgosolo

Autumn in Barbagia 2011, OrgosoloThe next stage of Autumn in Barbagia 2011 – Cortes apertas (literally “open courtyards”) this week will take place in Orgosolo, near Nuoro, from October 22-23. And the calendar of events is very rich.

The event starts at 10am, when all the museums of Orgosolo as Sonos centre, Radichinas centre and Miradas centre will be open to the public in both days. Furthermore Dalla roccia al gipeto (“From rock to bearded vulture”, a diorama of Supramonte) will be on display in piazza Caduti.

Autumn in Barbagia 2011 continues at Orgosolo with Hantànd’ a tenore: the tenors bands of Sirilò and Santu Juvanne (on Saturday), Supramonte and Orgosa (on Sunday) will perform in the cortes apertas of Orgosolo, singing the traditional songs of Sardinia. In the evening theatre company Cannasas will put on itinerant shows in the “open courtyards”.

Saturday 22 will end with the traditional dances of Sardinia performed by local groups (4pm) and with the presentation of Orgosolo costume in via Mercato (5pm).

The protagonist of the second day (Sunday) is the silk: at 10am will be shown a documentary on the art of silk and its tradition in Orgosolo, at 4pm will take place Tramas de seda, dedicated to silk-reeling.

And with this event Autumn in Barbagia 2011 – Cortes apertas invite you to the next stage.

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