Autumn in Barbagia 2011: Orune and poetry

Autumn in Barbagia 2011 Orune is dedicated to poetry and its beauty. The poem is like a work of craft, antique and precious, and through poetry you can tell and enhance the traditions that belong to the land of Sardinia by an indissoluble bond. The event will open Friday, December 16 (and will end on 18) with laboratories and documentary films focusing on poetry and the Sardinian language, while in the streets of the village itinerant actors enliven the morning with two shows.

In this last stage of Autumn in Barbagia 2011 will be discussed of poetry, of identity,  award the winner of poetry contest “Attu chin sas manos” and reciting verses. The poem will be the common thread of these three days in Sardinia. In the historical center of Orune they will present the typical products of this land with the possibility to taste them. You know the techniques of cheese and wine. You can watch the production of wool, carpet weaving, an ancient island tradition, with the use of the horizontal loom and experimentation and the search for alternative or recycled materials.

And then paste laboratories, “de manos sos macarrones, and Casadinas seadas” laboratories of breads and pastries, “of limpidu, Su Cossolu puzoneddos sos, sos knows cooked de biscottos”: a Autumn in Barbagia to Orune to enjoy all the taste of Sardinia.

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