Autumn in Barbagia 2011 is Ovodda

autumn-barbagia-2011-ovoddaThe next step for the event Autumn in Barbagia 2011 is Ovodda, a village on the slopes of Mount Orohole, of ancient origins and distinctive rural appearance. Three days, 11 to 13 November, to learn about bread.

A sort of awareness campaign for the consumption of pan’è fressa, which is part of the traditional breads of Sardinia. A taste workshop that explains how it is prepared, as it is cooked strictly with wood oven, with a tasting to follow.

As is now tradition of these Autumn in Barbagia meetings, the master craftsmen put their skills on stage with the preparation of numerous aromatic Sardinian typical products: Fiore Sardo, Ovoddesi pastries, Pane ‘e Fressa, precisely, but also the processing of hides and leather, cork, granite, traditional costumes and Launeddas.

To accompany the visitors to discover the Coortes and the typical houses of Barbagia, the streets of the country are taking place performances of dances, traditional songs and theatrical entertainment. A series of photographic exhibitions give the possibility to expand the outlook on life of Ovodda and its inhabitants. An Autumn in Barbagia rich in history.

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