Baunei: Grotta del Fico Cave

With its 1.800 meters of rooms and tunnels (yet explored), Grotta del Fico Caves, in the area of Baunei, is one of the most attractive and important cave in Sardinia. Starting from its location: the cave entrance is on the limestone walls of the Gulf of Orosei, 10 meters over the sea level. A real paradise for speleologists and geologists.

Among Cala Biriola and Mariolu, the entrance of Grotta del Fico Caves opens to the blue of the sky and the sea where once there was the outlet of an underground river, the cause of the wonderful limestone concretions you can see today in the cave.

The bed of this river was also the secure refugee for the last colonies of the monk seal of this area of the Mediterranean.

Grotta del Fico can be reached by boat, from ports of Santa Maria Navarrese or Arbatax. For the link services you can ask directly in the ports, bearing in mind that the services won’t be regular during winter time and daily during the summer period (June to September). Usually, the boats leave at 9.00 am to get back around 6.00 pm.

Grotta del Fico can also be reached by trekking, on the hiking trail for Golgo Baunei, leading to the Golgo Su Sterru.


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