Beaches in Sardinia and the Coast of Oleanders

Sardinia beachs Coast OleanderThe Coast of Oleander is situated in the northern province of Nuoro. These beaches of Sardinia, as the name points out, are characterized by the massive presence of oleander flower, which adds to the beautiful place a touch of color and unique scent.

The Coast of Oleander has a dual composition: it was formed from granite rock, and in the southern zone from rock of  volcanic origin.

The beaches in this part of Sardinia are characterized by fine white sand and the low sea backdrops, where the water changes color depending on the surrounding vegetation and currents.

One of the most important places of this area is La Caletta, a beach accessible from the center of Siniscola, which combines the beauty of the sea with colors and scents of the pinewoods, where you can take shelter during the periods of intense heat.

In Coast of Oleander there is the beach of Berchida, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Its pristine nature, the sand and the crystal clear waters make this beach of Sardinia a dream place.

The Coast of Oleander, a magical place where you can relax between colors and nature.



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