Cherry Festival and Caschettas in Belvì

Belvì sagra ciliegie e cashettas In the month of June takes place in Belvì, the traditional Cherry and Caschettas Festival,  where  you can eat the excellent fruit cropped in Gennargentu and discover the typical sweets of these area.

Belvì is a small town located in central-eastern Sardinia, in the province of Nuoro, where since 1600 are prepared caschettas. In the past, this delicacy was prepared for important occasions such as weddings, because the tradition required that the groom offered these sweets to the bride.

At the Cherry and Caschettas Festival of Belvì, you can eat these carefully handmade pastry sweets, and filled with honey, almonds or hazelnuts. Even today there are different schools of thought on the forms this cake: rose, ring and the veil of a bride are the common shapes.

During the days of the Cherry and Caschettas Festival in Belvì, you can attend different conferences, participate in tasting tours of dishes made ​​from cherries and be entertained by folklore groups. If you love cherries, the Cherry and Caschettas Festival in Belvì is for you. Decide to spend for a weekend of sun, sea and relaxation.


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