The best from Sardinia: wines excellence

Best wines from SardiniaIf you are looking for the best Sardinan wine, you’ll have to work hard. And it’s not because there’s a lack of them.

Beyond the beauty of its coasts, Sardinia can count on an excellence in wine industry too. So, many famous and appreciated labels will make hard for you (and for us) to draw up an ultimate top chart of wines.

Choosing a Sardinian wine, we can start from Cannonau: a red wine, turning orange with the age, characterized by his dry and strong flavor. Its name comes from the name of the grapevine imported from Spain and nowadays under cultivation in the whole isle. The main production area is Ogliastra (Center-Est Sardinia).

Another famous Sardinian wine is Malavisia di Bosa: a white and dry wine, with his subtle smell and a aftertaste slightly bitter. This grape’s produced in many areas of Sardinia. One of the best production, anyway, is the one from Nuoro.

Going on in our voyage in the rich world of Sardinian wines, we must mention Campidano di Terralba, Mandrolisai, Moscato di Sorso e Sennori, Vermenntino di Gallura, Vernaccia di Oristano and Carignano del Sulcis, all wines of sure quality.

An holiday in Sardinia could be the right way to find all the variety of the Sardinian wine industry, tasting the nectar where it has been produced from century.

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