Bosa and the festivity of Santa Maria del Mare

Bosa Santa Maria del MareThe town of Bosa, located in the province of Oristano, is the only urban center of Sardinia, built on the estuary of a river, where small boats can navigate.

Thanks to this characteristic, every year the first Sunday of the month of August, here one of the most important events of the sacred tradition of  Bosa is celebrated, the feast of Santa Maria del Mare.

The boats for the feast of Santa Maria del Mare are decorated with flags, canes and colorful flowers to accompany the Madonna on the way along the river from the church to the Cathedral of Bosa Marina, located in the historic city center, where the morning mass is celebrated the morning mass.

In the late afternoon the rivers of the Temo are filled with tourists and locals, for admiring the procession of the Madonna does it again to return to his church of Santa Maria del Mare, to see the procession that Madonna will make it again for return to the church of Santa Maria del Mare, where there will be the Mass officiated by the Bishop of Bosa.

At night the town comes alive with festive, thanks to the preparation and tasting of local products, the folk events and the fireworks.

If you have a possibility to go on the first Sunday of August in Sardinia not miss the opportunity to take part in the festivities of Santa Maria del Mare in Bosa.



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