Cabude for sweet New Year’s Eve in Sardinia

almond Sardinia

New Year’s Eve in Sardinia also means culinary tradition, dishes and recipes: here you are one in particular that is the perfect synthesis between local products and local peasant culture ministry.

Let’s talk about Cabude, specialties of many villages in the province of Sassari. The Cabude which is a sweet bread recipe is very simple but the symbolic value of which is particularly felt by local populations.

The recipe includes the following ingredients:
• 0 flour (300 grams)
• Raisins (150 grams)
• a pinch of salt
• 50 grams of sugar
• Brewer’s yeast (a ball)
• Water q.b
• 12 almonds

Place the flour, add the yeast dissolved in warm water, a pinch of salt and sugar, so you get a soft mixture then added raisins: let it rise for about two hours after having since the characteristic shape of a horseshoe or crown and decorated it with 12 almonds , each representing a month of the year.

The bread is baked in the oven obtained for about 50 minutes at 180 degrees.

There is also the version of Cabude enriched with fig jam in india prepared during the summer, but it the rite to make this cake a very special tradition: during the lunch on New Year’s bread is broken on the head firstborn from the head of the family as a sign of the mercy seat.

The Cabude just one of the traditional Sardinian dishes that are prepared in this beautiful region to celebrate the New Year’s Eve, more an excuse to visit Sardinia.


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