Cagliari, 1st of May in Sardinia

First of May in SardiniaIf you are thinking about spending the long weekend of May 1 in Sardinia, here are some ideas for organizing this wonderful mini-vacation in the spring of Cagliari, Sardinia.

And there’s no better time to visit this city, since May 1 is celebrated Sant’Efisio with the festival dedicated to him, which can boast of an ancient tradition. Now it will be possible to watch the parade of Traccas, and decorated wagons pulled by oxen, which opened the festival involves the whole soul folk of Sardinia. Music and costumes make their appearance and create an unforgettable frame exposure of the statue of the saint that is transported along the path that he did to his martyrdom, happened to Nora. The procession starts on streets decorated with rose petals.

Before joining one of the most anticipated events of Sardinia, be sure to spend the long weekend on Saturday offered from the deck of May 1 to discover the city of Cagliari. Among the artistic and archaeological itineraries, so we will satisfy all tastes. In particular, on Saturday and Sunday, do not miss the opportunity to visit the exhibition of underwater archeology “Le stive e gli abissi”, in the Centre of Art and Culture The Ghetto, in Via Santa Croce. Among the unique exhibits on display stands out the hull of a Roman ship (Republican), more than 8 meters long. After culture, comes the fun: the streets of Cagliari offer opportunities for shopping in stores and markets.
After shopping, the sea. A walk on the Poetto beach restores the spirit and, if temperatures permit the courage supports you, what better time for the first swim of the season?

Who will choose which destination to Cagliari for the bridge of May 1, 2012, will also have opportunity to attend the grand final of the Trophy Match Race Four Moors. The conclusion of the championship sailing sponsored by the Region of Sardinia, which pits the under-19 skipper.
The long weekend of first of May in Cagliari based on culture, recreation and entertainment. A wonderful way to celebrate the Spring of Sardinia.

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