Campidano forest in Sardinia

Campidano forest, Sardinia1600 hectares of forest in the south-east of Sardinia, in the heart of Campidano, not far from Cagliari. A real environmental heritage that the Forests Agency of Sardinia wants to promote. There it has been built a sensory trail, dedicated to schools and to all those who have the curiosity to deepen their knowledge about the wonders of this wood.

The trail begins in the Mont’Arrubiu place and consists of 5 stages, each of them has been designed for the development of the 5 senses too often atrophied: smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch. Each stage is marked by a panel on which to find inspiration, information and images that are used to solve the proposed test at the bottom of the same panel. Not an easy learning, but a real and sensory experience with the aim of involving visitors to 360°.

The task of The Forests Agency in Sardinia is to promote the ​​ natural, historical and cultural values of heritage of the state-owned forest Campidano, because it spreads a environment culture rooted and caring. Sardinia has a rich forest cover, with typical characteristics of the islands that make flora and fauna even more rare.


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