Candelarìa in Orgosolo: New Year’s Eve in Sardinia

New Year's Eve in SardiniaThe New Year’s Eve in Sardinia is an ancient celebration, full of deep significance and hopes in a new year of good fortune. In Orgosolo, near Nuoro, the New Year’s Eve is celebrated with the Candelarìa.

Orgosolo Candelarìa it’s a rite, rather a celebration, starting from the 31st December early morning. Children of the village run along the small streets characterized by colorful murales, going door to door asking for “sa candearìa”, the offers of typical bread of the event, fruit, cookies and… money. Houses of Orgosolo with their open doors are ready to welcome the celebrating children.

A New Year’s Eve such as Candelarìa is a unique event rich of symbolic meanings at the center of which there are the young inhabitants of the village in their way of emancipation from their family unit and the entrance in the widen society. They can celebrate the new year this way just until they’re 12 year old. After that age, they’re officially entered in the adolescence age and they’re ready to be part of the whole community.

Orgosolo is easily reachable from Nuoro. A wonderful chance to live a New Year’s Eve in Sardinia dip in its traditions.

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