Carnival in Cagliari 2012: the traditional masks

Carnival in Cagliari 2012: the traditional masksThe Carnival of Cagliari is a tide of ​​sounds, colors, lights and entertainment spreading along the streets of the region capital of Sardinia, in the days between Thursday and Mardi Gras (February 16-21, 2012). And the main protagonists of this cheerful occasion are the traditional masks.

One of these traditional mask is sa panettèra (“the baker”), a muscular and fat matron running the streets and railing against the neighbors, gossiping and screaming of all the tricks. Another one is is tiàulus (“the devils”), spiteful and pestilent devils dancing around the pyre of su Rei Cancioffàli.

Other typical masks of the Carnival in Cagliari are su caddemis, the beggar asking for charity; sa fiùda, the inconsolable widow; su sabattèri, the cobbler who symbolizes the most humble jobs; sa dida, the provocative and seductive nursemaid who ensnares more than a man.

And, as the tradition imposes, the crowning moment of the Carnival in Cagliari is the aforementioned su Rei Cancioffàli, “the tyrant”: a big doll made ​​of rags that after a farcical and amusing trial will be inevitably condemned to burn at the stake.


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