Castle of Orguglioso: castles in Sardinia

Castle of Orguglioso, SardiniaFor the first time, the Castle of Orguglioso was mentioned in 1286, in a treaty between the court of Arborea and the Municipality of Pisa. The fort was part of a defensive system that suffered in later centuries, the turbulent fortunes of all the disputed territory of Sardinia.

Around 1326 the Castle of Orguglioso, with the other Sardinian castles hitherto held by the Municipality of Pisa, passed to the Aragonese. But  its fortifications buckled under the onslaught of seven hundred knights loyal to the court of Arborea during the conflict against the Crown of Aragon (1353). Since then, the Castle of Orguglioso lost its defensive function: it became a mere geographical reference point for travelers and it was renamed Castle of Sassai, in honor of the village located near it.

The history of the Castle of Orguglioso (or Sassai) was lost and enriched by legends, as often happens. The old men of Sassai can tell you about the Countess, her frame of gold and her sad end in the ruins of the castle. Tragedy renewed every night by the echo of her complaints.

The Castle of Orguglioso is located near Silius, halfway between Villaputzu and Senorbi. And to visit Silius is not only an opportunity to learn about the Castle of Orguglioso and its testimony of life in Sardinia during the Middle Ages. In fact, there are also remains of Nuraghe culture, an interesting place for every lover of archeology.

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