Castles in Sardinia: the fortress of Castelsardo

Castels in Sardinia, CastelsardoThe manor of Castelsardo is among the most visited and fascinating castles in Sardinia. Once it was a vital center of the town of Castelsardo, in the province of Sassari; now it is still surrounded by fortified walls that had only one access road: you can still see the hinges on which was mounted the massive door. As a matter of fact, there was also a maritime access to the castle that was used during the sieges: hence came the ships loaded with supplies from Genoa.

The fortress, built by the Doria in the XII Century, and still well preserved, houses the Museo dell’intreccio (“museum of the weave”) and the adjoining rooms house exhibitions of painting. Just the art of making baskets is a very important local tradition: along the alleyways of the village, it is not difficult to run in young and elderly who create unique works masterfully weaving palm leaves.

Tourists who want a breathtaking view, however, must reach the highest part of the castle: from there, they will have the view of Asinara and of the coasts of Corsica and Porto Torres. A stronghold that has much to offer to tourists and that is just one of the many castles of Sardinia.


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