Castles in Sardinia: visiting Castle of Sassari

Castles in Sardinia: SassariAmong the castles of Sardinia, the Castle of Sassari had a very troubled history, and has passed several times with difficulty. Built in the XIV Century, it was used by the population of Sassari to resist the Crown of Aragon. Later, from 1535, it was used by the Inquisition and was converted into a barracks for the Royal Italian Army until 1877. The demolition of this castle began in that year, to make space for squares and for the barracks of Lamarmora, headquarters of the Brigata di Sassari (“Sassari brigade”).

The renovation works of the castle began in 2008, treasures which were thought to be lost, are coming to light: a stone flower which should be the Pozzo Regio (“royal well”), a circular fountain mentioned in the writings of the time. But archaeologists have discovered much more: several rooms used as prisons where you can still see the designs made by prisoners.

Finally, in more recent times, were discovered two air raid shelters used by the local population during the Second World War. The castles of Sardinia are rich in history and the Aragonese Castle of Sassari has only begun to reveal what is still hidden.


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