Easter in Sardinia: the Holy Week of Iglesias

In Iglesias, Sardinia, the Holy Week follows an ancient ritual, dating back to the Sixteenth Century: indeed, the Arciconfraternita del Santo Monte organizes the celebrations since the mid 1500’s, when it was founded. And during the Holy Week in Iglesias, the most important and characteristic moment is the Good Friday, the day of the Procession of Descenso.

The Procession of Descenso takes place at night, along the roads Iglesias. This is a ritual with a precise order: Matracconis announce the procession, followed by the drum and the Cross of the Arciconfraternita, by the Babbalottis (boys of up to thirteen years dressed in clothes typical of this event), the Association of Santissimo Sacramento and the G. Verdi music band.


Miniature park of Sardinia

Take a ride in a miniature theme park in Sardinia means making a tour of the island in one day. The park, created in 1999, contains within itself the geological, historical and cultural significant of Sardinia, like the  scale reproductions of the most famous monuments of the island. 50 .000 square meters of extension with a path that branches off from villages, museums and planetarium. The nuragic village for example is a life-size reconstruction of houses in Sardinia arose 3000 years ago. In this area you can see how it was worked bronze and clay and understand how the population was politically organized. It is very consistently represented the life that was conducted during the Iron Age. (more…)

Acquafredda: castles of Sardinia

It stands on the spur of a hill of volcanic rock, dominating the surrounding plain of this extraordinary site of Sardinia. It is easy to figure that Castle of Acquafredda, in its heyday, was a fortress of great strategic utility.

It is believed that the oldest structures are to be dated to the first half of XIII Century, its building is attributed to Ugolino della Gherardesca, the noble from Pisa whose fate was sadly made ​​famous by Dante in his Divine Comedy. At that time, the function of the castle was to defend the considerable mineral wealth of the area.


Nuragic village of Tiscali near Dorgali

The nuragic village of Tiscali is in the valley of Lanaitto in Sardinia, more precisely, between the town of Dorgali to Oliena. The village, nestled in a valley, stands atop Mount Tiscali and is considered one of the wonders of Sardinian archaeology. At the nuragic village of Tiscali you get by following the paths belonging to coal miners through suggestive woods of oak. The village is hidden in a cave very charming, that had a double major function: on the one hand allowed the villagers to remain hidden and protected from external attacks, on the other through the large window at the top, a real cleft of the mountain, to allow residents to control the valley. (more…)

The Sardinian Vespers: Sa die de sa Sardinia

The Sardinian Vespers, also known as Sa die de sa Sardinia, are the days in memory of the revolt of the Sardinian people against the rulers of Piedmont. Sardinia in the eighteenth century was dominated by the Piedmont and on this subject. When Piedmont was attacked by France in Sardinia, the Sardinian population showed a regular attachment and devotion to their rulers defending the city of Cagliari from the French siege by all means. (more…)