Poetry Festival in Nora

Nora is an archaeological area less than 19 miles (30 km) from Cagliari that was founded by the Phoenicians and later inhabited by the Carthaginians and the Romans. It is situated on a promontory near Pula, a town famous for its wonderful sandy beaches and clear turquoize seas, and enjoys fabulous views of the surrounding area. (more…)

Gay Pride in Cagliari

On Saturday 30th June 2012 the sunny Poetto beach in Cagliari, crowded with bathers and holidaymakers, will burst into colour for an evening of imagination with the partecipants in the first Sardinia Pride event, that will also be the first beach Pride in Italy.


Berchidda’s Time in Jazz Festival 2012

Berchidda is a calm, quiet town, nestled at the foot of Mount Limbara. During the summer, however, thanks to the Time in Jazz festival, that reaches its 25th edition this year, the town bursts with sound and colour, and everything becomes music, even the joyful clink of cutlery as slap up meals of Berchiddese soup, one of the most famous dishes of Gallurian cuisine, is prepared in the town's churches with bread, cheese and mutton broth. (more…)

Sardinia loves beer!

Making beer is an art, a passion, and an academic discipline - it's not for nothing that we talk about 'brewmasters'. This drink, that was born in Mesopotamia in the fifth century B.C, is much more than a mere infusion of fermented and flavoured malt - it is an institution. Maybe it all comes down to the hop, added to the recipe in 768 by French Benedictine monks due to its medicinal properties, something it shares with its close relative, cannabis, a member of the same plant family. Given the runaway success of the drink in the following centuries perhaps it also shares its relative's addictiveness! (more…)