Legends of Sella del Diavolo in Sardinia

Among  the Sardinia legends, on the famous is the one of Sella del Diavolo. This is a headland overlooking the Gulf of Cagliari. Legend tell that the devil enjoyed a lot that area and decided to settle there. Then God sent an army of angels on earth to drive out the devil. The latter, in flight, dropped his saddle that froze and became what is today called Sella del Diavolo (Devil’s Saddle). (more…)

The market of Cagliari: San Benedetto

The best way to know a city’s population is through its food culture, and if this is always true it is a fortiori for a gourmets location like Sardinia. Among the many well-known markets famous is the San Benedetto, that offers the opportunity to discover and capture the true spirit of Cagliari. A challenge between 238 operators to offer their customers the freshest products at the best price which creating an exuberant commercial and human atmosphere. The San Benedetto market is composed by two level: the lower, the most famous, contains the stalls of fish, shellfish and crustaceans; the upper level is home to the market of meat, cheese, fruit and vegetable, wines, confectionery and typical Sardinian cuisine. The San Benedetto structure also did to have the record of the largest covered market in Europe to Sardinia and Cagliari: 8000 square meters rich of flavor and humanity typical of this land. (more…)

Girotonno 2012, tuna fishing in Carloforte

Each year in Carloforte, since ten years, the appointment with the festival of Girotonno is renewed. And 2012 won’t be an exception. A meeting with an ancient tradition of tuna fishing by the tonnara which, the area of Isola di San Pietro, is deep rooted in the whole population. Girotonno 2012 will represent also the chance to meet other costal Mediterranean cultures linked to the tuna fishing and it’s also a chance to discover new and unique blend of culinary flavors, with the soundtrack of folkloric music and performances summoning the old seamen lifestyle. (more…)

St. George: traditional festivals in Sardinia

The Sardinian tradition is rich in festivals and fairs covering the most important moments of the religious calendar and of rural life. Often, these two dimensions are inextricably linked, creating a long-standing folk tradition.

This is the case of the feast of St. George Martyr of Perfugas, rural event from the distant origins. The tradition of the festival is renewed every year in the second half of April.