Sardinian Sweets: Mustazzoleddus, a tasty Sardinian recipe

The Mustazzoleddus are typical biscuits of Sardinia, the area of ​​origin is of Sardinia's western part where surely the most famous town is Oristano but there may be several variations of this recipe. The mustazzoledus are typical biscuits of Sardinia very tasty and well-worth the taste and perhaps it is suggestible to match a sweet wine for meditation a Sardinian one of course such as: the Argiolas (more…)

Sardinian sweets: pardulas, typical Easter recipe

During the Easter in Sardinia, the most typical Sardinian sweets are the so-called pardulas: delicious and delicate little pies, stuffed with a filling of ricotta cheese or cheese, depending on your tastes. These little pies, as other typical Sardinian sweets, have different names depending on the specific area where they are prepared: they are called pardulas in the South West Sardinia, “casadinas” in Nuoro, “casgiaddina” in Sassari and in Logudoro. (more…)

The sweet wedding of Baunei: su cunfettu

In Baunei there is no marriage without su Cumbidu (wedding buffet) and there is no su Cumbidu without su cunfettu. In any nuptial banquet you’ll find the dish of excellence, welcoming guests returning from the religious ceremony. This sweet mixture of almonds, orange peel and honey is a good luck ritual that is part and parcel of marriage. Tradition impose that women have the exclusive of su cunfettu preparation. Specifically, women of the two families involved in the marriage must meet the Wednesday prior to the ceremony to cook the delicious desserts. Here are the ingredients and the recipe of traditional su cunfettu of Baunei. (more…)