Argiolas and together for the Sardinian wine

All the taste of Sardinia: is there a better Christmas present to give to everyone who love this country? And this is a special idea even for all the people who want to invite their friends to discover the culture and the pleasures of this island. suggests you an irresistible binomial that combines class, tradition and taste: it’s the box with Argiolas and Pasticceria Piemontese di Cagliari (“Piedmont cake shop of Cagliari”). The taste of the biscuits of this renowned cake shop of Cagliari will be served with the extraordinary organoleptic quality of the award-winning Angialis wine, a smooth one with an unmistakable golden color born from the encounter of the Nasco and Malvasia grapes. (more…)

Sardinian artichokes recipe: easy and tasteful

If you’re looking for a way to prepare Sardinian artichokes in an easy, fast and tasteful way, you’re in the right place. Artichokes farming, in Sardinia, is diffused in the whole isle. Here you can find two variety of this vegetable: the one with thorns and the one without. The first kind are finest and more flashy, even if they’re of medium-small size and the more resilient to climate changes. This variety is often eaten raw, with pecorino scales, given them sweeter taste. This recipe will be ready in 30 minutes and it will take 15 minutes of cooking. (more…)

The best from Sardinia: wines excellence

If you are looking for the best Sardinan wine, you'll have to work hard. And it’s not because there’s a lack of them. Beyond the beauty of its coasts, Sardinia can count on an excellence in wine industry too. So, many famous and appreciated labels will make hard for you (and for us) to draw up an ultimate top chart of wines. Choosing a Sardinian wine, we can start from Cannonau: a red wine, turning orange with the age, characterized by his dry and strong flavor. Its name comes from the name of the grapevine imported from Spain and nowadays under cultivation in the whole isle. The main production area is Ogliastra (Center-Est Sardinia). (more…)

Lamb with saffron, a recipe from Sardinia

Lamb with saffron is a recipe which can brag about the presence, between its ingredients, of two of the most classic products of Sardinia. As a matter of fact Sardinia, with its cattle of 4 millions of sheeps, is one of the main Italian livestock farming area. An heritage Sardinian people’s emphasizing rediscovering the ancient production techniques which can guarantee respect for the environment and quality. Quality of production which characterize many kind of products from Sardinia and let the Sardinian saffron gain the quality label DOP. (more…)