An artichoke quiz!

Sardinia is the third producer of artichokes  in Italy and follows the regions of Puglia and Sicily. 62% of production takes place in the province of Cagliari, followed by Sassari, (27%)  Oristano (11%) and Nuoro(1%). Below follows a brief quiz on this delicious vegetable I found yesterday..see how much you know and how much you can guess on the subject before going to the next page to find the answers!   1. Artichokes are a member of the flowering thistle family. a)True b)False 2.In 1949, who was crowned the Artichoke Queen of California? a)Bette Davis b)Jayne Mansfield c)Marilyn Monroe d)Eva Gabor 3. The word 'artichoke' is taken from the Italian word 'articiocco'. a)True b)False 4. The artichoke flower is: a) perennial b)a herb c) annual d)semi annual 5.What Goddess was turned into an artichoke for eternity? a)Ma'at b)Cynara c)Isis d)Medusa 6.The artichoke was once considered to be a/an? a)poison b)weed c)barbitua d) Aphrodisiac 7.What country cultivates the most artichokes? a)Usa b)Greece c)Italy d)France 8.A Jerusalem artichoke is the same as an artichoke. a)True b)False (more…)

How to make “sa panadas”

Panadas are a typical dish from a very small town called Assemini, only 15 km from Cagliari. They are very delicious meat and vegetable pies, the traditional and truly Sardinian version has eel as a filling and is very, very good. Meat Panada Serves 4 For the pastry:  300 gr /  10 ½ oz plain flour 20 gr/ ¾ oz lard at room temperature Salty warm water Meat filling: 300 gr/ 101/2 oz beef, pork or lamb chopped; 300 gr/ 10 ½ oz potatoes, artichokes or peas; Salt, pepper, sundried tomatoes, parsley, garlic; 2 tablespoons of olive oil (more…)

Chestnut recipes


  Chestnut and bean minestrone Here is the easiest  possible recipe, a  comforting and warm dish that is perfect  for the winter.  If one prefers, the beans can be replaced with  barley. This minestrone originally comes from the inner and mountainous areas of Sardinia as it  once  constituted  a very nourishing and fundamental dish for populations in the hidden and remote mountain areas, like for example, Bitti or Gavoi. Served hot with roasted bread, it’s  a simple but very  tasty meal. Serves 4 250 grams/ 9 oz  dried beans 500 grams/ 18 oz  of chestnuts (if dried 250 and they need to soak like the beans) 150 grams / 5 oz  of fresh lard An onion, a carrot, 2 cloves of garlic and 2 sun dried tomatoes all chopped Parsley 2 bay leaves Olive oil and salt (more…)

MC Donald’s vs Mc Puddu’s!

Can a famous multinational like Mc Donalds caution a young entrepeneur of the small Sardinian village of Santa Maria Navarrese ( located between Baunei and Tortolì)  from using the suffix “Mc” for his activity? Apparently so! This is what happened to Ivan Puddu, owner of Mc Puddu’s and of Mc Fruttu’s, the first a fast food serving typical Sardinian menus at low prices, the second specialized in fruit shakes and drinks made solely with the island’s produce. (more…)