European Jazz Expo – July 2015 in Sardinia, Italy

The 10° edition of the European Jazz Expo is taking place in Sardinia from 2nd ‘til 5th July 2015. The venue for this year’s event is Riola Sardo, part of the Sinis peninsula, on the central west coast of the island. Guest musicians from the international jazz scene include the Japanese pianist Hiromi, performing with her trio, the Cuban composer and pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba and the Volca’n Quartet, with Giovanni Hidalgo, Armando Gola and Horacio El Negro Hernandez, and the British acid jazz band, Incognito. (more…)

Traditional music from Sardinia: the launeddas

Launeddas are an ancient musical instrument of the Sardinian tradition: it is a wind instrument, made by three flutes of different sizes. It is played during both religious and laical events. The origins of launeddas fall back in the old times, when Sardinian civilization had contacts with peoples from North Africa and Middle East, where similar instruments were in use. The first evidence of this musical instrument presence in Sardinia has been found in the bronze statue of Ittiri (nuragic era), representing a launeddas player. To play launeddas it’s needed to use a special technique: the circular breathing. The musician has to breath in the air by nose while he breaths out by mouth. The result is a continuing airflow in the instrument.