Caves in Sardinia: discover the cave of Is Janas

Caves in Sardinia: Is JanasThe caves in Sardinia are a world apart, little know among the people visiting this beautiful island. But these caves are as beautiful as the beach and the coast of Sardinia. One of the most beautiful is the cave of Is Janas. It is located in the territory of Sadali, near Nuoro, and it’s 240 meters long. It extends horizontally, so the visit is within reach of anyone and is not particularly difficult.

The first room of the cave is called S’Omu de Is Janas (“fairy house”): an ovoid environment 25 meters long and 8 meters wide. Here you can admire three impressive stalagmites: according to legend, these are three fairies who once were turned into stone by God for killing an old monk.

After this room, you get to Su Mulinu, another room in which stands a limestone formation, and its shape reminds a windmill. Continuing, you pass beneath the Bridge, a rock formation that obstructs the corridor. And the last room, on the bottom of the cave, is called Sala del Guano (“guano hall”), a room inhabited by a colony of bats.

Among the caves in Sardinia, Is Janas, as well as for its beauty, plays an important role for human traces dating from the Neolithic and the recent discovery of beetles whose species was believed extinct 26 million years ago.


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