Christmas in Sardinia: sweet papassini

The papassini is a typical recipe of the Christmas in Sardinia: they are soft and aromatic desserts, usually filled with walnuts (or hazelnuts), lemon peel, raisins and vanilla. These desserts are common in Sardinia and, even if the recipe is always the same, the filling is very various depending on the area and the cities where they are prepared.

The papassini are desserts that are prepared during the main festivities. And above all it’s a recipe that during the Christmas in Sardinia is always present on the dining tables of this Mediterranean island.

Such as the most part of the typical recipes of the traditional Sardinian cooking, the ingredients of the papassini are very simple: flour, eggs, sugar, lard and milk are the basic ingredients; the filling is usually made with raisin and fennel seeds, with vanilla or lemon peel as an alternative.

To cook the papassini is very simple too: first of all you have to knead the paste, prepared with eggs, sugar, milk, flour and lard; then you add to the mixture the chosen filling, conveniently and finely minced; at last you divide the mixture in little parts and bake them.

The papassini are good and very simple to prepare. But if you want to eat the traditional papassini, you have just one thing to do: to choose the destination where to spend your Christmas 2011 in Sardinia.


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