Costa Paradiso: beautyfull beaches of Sardinia

Costa Paradiso beaches SardiniaCosta Paradiso (“the paradise coast”) is today one of the most popular tourist sites in the north of Sardinia.

The famous beaches extend from Cruzitta point to Mount Tinnari, offering unique and breathtaking sceneries.

One of the most famous beaches of Costa Paradiso in Sardinia is Rena Bianca, located in the Santa Teresa di Gallura: the name of this crowded beach comes from the fine white sand that forms a strip of land protected from the strong mistral winds that usually blows in this area.

For the lovers of nature and tranquility, the beach of Capo Spinosa is ideal, a small cove located on the north coast of Capo Testa. This beach frequented by a few people offers a view of a wonderful contrast of colors, created by the granitic rocks that characterizes the rock and the gleaming gold of the sand.

Thanks to the optimal location of this beach of Costa Paradiso in Sardinia, you can see the blue sea and the white cliffs of Bonifacio and Corsica.

The beaches of Costa Paradiso in Sardinia are ideal for snorkeling, if you decide to venture out to explore places still untouched by man.


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