Excavations of Olbia: archeological finds recovered

Excavations of OlbiaIn the city of Olbia, thanks to ongoing excavations of archaeologists, it  has been possible with the passing years to bring to light many artifacts, and to establish with certainty that in the same place in the past there was an ancient Roman necropolis.

With the passage of time have been uncovered rings, ships, spas that have enriched the archaeological heritage of the city.

Over the last few days in the yard of Olbia’s excavation, were found archeological finds of great historical importance as the treasures of San Simplicio, considered sacred, and tombs dating back to imperial’s age.

The Olbia’s excavation unearthed the access to the temple of the goddess Cerere, that was sought by scholars for decades without ever coming to the finding. Starting from the fourth century BC, this area has been dedicated to the religious worship, for that reason during this excavation has been possible to find graves belonging to the early medieval age and times to follow.

Following these important discoveries occurred in the Olbia’s excavation, this city can be seen not only as a location for summer holidays, but a place to come into contact with history.

For the upcoming holidays think also the possibility of viewing the past with your eyes.

Image: www.flickr.com/photos/art_roman_p/

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