Fright therapy: Sardinian tradition

Sardinia traditions: the fright therapyAmong of the most curious and particular Sardinian traditions there is no doubt the folk medicine, and among them one that has retained its all charm is the ” fright therapy”. This custom is practiced mainly in the province of Cagliari and Nuoro by 47 people, who have learned to use it in the family or because they have been healed themselves.

The Sardinian tradition expected to recover from a shock that has stirred the soul of the unfortunate you have to use some of the natural elements such as: the water that is thrown on the sick or sprinkled with the sign of the cross; the land taken in the place where happened the scare and on which the patient must draw crosses; the smoke produced by the wax, palm leaves, flowers, incense, rosemary.

What unites these rites is always the recitation of prayers, a religious imperative. The Sardinian traditions are unique and are an incomparable heritage of ancient superstitious rites that have survived over the centuries.


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