Gavoi Literature Festival 2012

The 9th Isola delle Storie Literature Festival - GavoiAt the heart of the Barbagia di Ollolai region of Sardinia you can find the town of Gavoi, a veritable treasure trove of wonders such as the ‘Isola delle Storie’ Literature Festival (Island of Stories). It is a celebration of the written word and its most famous ‘craftsmen’ who attract thousands of people to this magical location that shimmers in the silvery reflections of the Gusana Lake.

The Gavoi Festival reaches its ninth edition this year, from 29th June to 1st June, and will see both the stage and the streets teem with writers (Evelina Santangelo, Sandra Petrignani), actors (Alessandra Casella, Giulio Cavalli), screenwriters (Peter Probst) and critics (Alessandro Stellino) as they take us on a journey through the world of story-telling where the distances between writers and readers disappear, replaced by the pleasure of meeting new people. The festival will be opened by the singer-songwriter David Riondino.

9th Isola delle Storie Literature Festival - Gavoi

We will discuss happiness with Meinhard Miegel and Giorgo Boatti, talk about inadequacy with Carlo Martigli, Michael Braun and Marco Belpoliti, and discuss pride with Concita De Gregorio and Luca Beatrice.

There will also be a large section of poetry with Serge Pey, Jacek Napiorkowski and Friedrich Christian Delius.

We will remember the poet Andrea Zanzotto and the authors Antonio Tabucchi and Tonino Guerra who have recently passed away.

Discover the culture of Gavoi and its famous hospitality. A warm welcome awaits you.

Image source: Antonello Casu

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