Gay Pride in Cagliari

Gay Pride SardiniaOn Saturday 30th June 2012 the sunny Poetto beach in Cagliari, crowded with bathers and holidaymakers, will burst into colour for an evening of imagination with the partecipants in the first Sardinia Pride event, that will also be the first beach Pride in Italy.

The event will begin with a group of motorcyclists followed by cyclists and flagbearers from Iglesias; then various different floats, each representing one of the organisations that have put together the parade. Bringing up the rear, singing and dancing, the partecipants on foot, a group that should be very large and above all very multi-coloured! The whole event will be accompanied by music, stopped only to listen to speakers, such as the MP Paola Concia.

The Pride festival marks the end of ‘Queeresima’ (a play on the Italian word for lent, Quaresima), a project patronised even by the council and province of Cagliari that organised a series of events during the forty day period from 17th May to 30th June, with debates, screenings, shows, conferences and other cultural events to aid the struggle against homophobia. The main event has been organised by the Sardinian cultural association and ARC volunteers (ARC is an abreviation of arcobaleno, the Italian word for rainbow, the international symbol of LGBT movements), and aims to be fun whilst provoking thought about discrimination and tolerance.

The symbol of the Pride parade will be the a multi-coloured lapwing, a bird that represents Sardinia. The event begins at 16.00, departing from Marina Piccola and should finish about 20.30 with the shout ‘Liberos, respetados, aguales’ that in the Sardinian language is a cry for freedom, respect and equality for all. It is expected that many tourists from other regions of Italy and from abroad will join the celebrations.

Without doubt we will see people from all sorts of backgrounds having fun together, and that is a beautiful thing!

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