Girotonno 2012, tuna fishing in Carloforte

Girotonno 2012 CarloforteEach year in Carloforte, since ten years, the appointment with the festival of Girotonno is renewed. And 2012 won’t be an exception. A meeting with an ancient tradition of tuna fishing by the tonnara which, the area of Isola di San Pietro, is deep rooted in the whole population.

Girotonno 2012 will represent also the chance to meet other costal Mediterranean cultures linked to the tuna fishing and it’s also a chance to discover new and unique blend of culinary flavors, with the soundtrack of folkloric music and performances summoning the old seamen lifestyle.

International chefs will participate at the event, challenging in a gastronomic competition having as main protagonist, obviously, the tuna fish. Another protagonist of the event is the tonara, the typical ensemble of fishing nets used in the tuna fishing as the main subsistence tool of the ancient community of Carloforte.

From May 31 to June 3, in Sardinia awaits for you the unique chance of a tradition revival of the tuna fishing with Girotonno 2012 “men, stories, shows, music and taste on the tuna route” in Carloforte.



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