Grotta dei Cristalli: caves in Sardinia

Grotta dei Cristalli: caves in SardiniaNear Dorgali, south of Cala Gonone, there is a karst canyon that faces near the see: the Codula Fuili. The amazing cave of Crystals is there. Among the numerous Sardinian Caves and among the caves Supramonte marino di Dorgali area, the cave of Crystals can boast a specificity that makes it unique.

Inside, in fact, it was discovered a Roman burial place, dated thanks to the presence of two oil lamps fund close and traced to the historical period. Setting to this testimony ancient charm collected from this cave and this Sardinian area, the calcareous concretions, columns, stalagmites and stalactites continue to impress the visitor of the telluric deepness.

Cave tour are organized and, despite the access and the transit are not particularly difficult, require the use of the speleologist base equipment.

The surroundings of this Supramonte area which overlooks on the cave of Crystals also provide an opportunity for excursions in the wild Sardinian nature, contaminated only by the building nuraghic remains.

A curiosity the two oil lamps fund near the burial place of the cave of Crystal can be admired in the Dorgali archeological Museum.

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