Hiking in Sardinia: forest Sette fratelli

Hiking in SardiniaForesta dei Sette Fratelli – The Forest of Seven Brothers- , which is part of the natural area of Sette Fratelli-Mount Genis, is a state property  area which is located in the province of Cagliari, easily accessible from the Sardinian capital. This forest is a place where lovers of trekking and hiking can discover the wild and unexplored side of Sardinia.

The forest, which covers the entire mountain having  the same name  of Sette Fratelli (Seven Brothers), has a territorial extension of about 10 thousand hectares. It is an irreplaceable  treasure from the point of view of wildlife and that of  landscape: it is the natural habitat for a wide variety of animals such as eagles wild boars, the Sardinian hare, martens and finally the Sardinian deer, which represents a little ‘symbol” of the entire area owned by the State.

In addition, Sette Fratelli wood – The Forest of Seven Brothers-  is entirely crossed by trails, ideal for mount biking or hiking, reaching the most beautiful sites of the area: absolutely it shouldn’t be missed s a visit to the botanical garden in the locality of Maidopis that is also accessible to blind people.

And in Foresta dei Sette Fratelli – The Forest of Seven Brothers-  there are also several relevant archaeological sites: among these  it should be mentioned  at least the Nuraghe Fraigada Sa site and the Is Concias Tomb of the Giants.

image: www.flickr.com/photos/taurielloanimaliorchidee

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