Holiday in Sardinia: Gallura and Tempio Pausania

Tempio Pausania, Gallura, SardiniaTo know the wild heart of Gallura, there’s nothing better than an holiday in Tempio Pusania. The most important town of the area is known since the old times for his climate enjoyable, even during the summer, and for a big impact natural richness. The old town is of big impact too for the traveler who will discover the wide piazza, walking through narrow streets of white granites buildings.

The omnipresent evidence of the Sardinia prehistoric civilization, here take the name and the features of Nuraghe Majori: the archeological site you can find on the road to Palau.

Wine lovers will be pleased to know that the grapevine around this area are those from which come famous wine like Vermentino and Moscato.

But, this area of Gallura produces “natural elisir” too, like the water from Fundu di Monti spring, with its natural mineral water of sublime quality.

If you enjoy walking and trekking, you won’t resist to dip into the paths of monte Limbara and his highest pick: Punta Sa Berritta (1.362 meters). His tracks stratch through woods, waterfalls and streams.

The trip in the heart of Gallura bring us back to the civilization. Regenerated by the gifts from nature and men’s work, relax will comes from the union of this two elements. The terme di Rinaggiu and the hotels of Tempio Pausania await for you to let you enjoy your holidays in Sardinia.

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