Kiteboarding southern Sardinia

Sardinia is an incredible windy island, where winds of Mistral, Sirocco, Grecale, Libeccio, Ponente and Levante blow almost every day so intensely.
In addition to the above winds, coming from global perturbations, also the thermal wind (or breeze) blows, from April to October, in many areas of Sardinia (as Cagliari, Capoterra) with a constant intensity.
The thermal wind and the winds (Mistral, Sirocco, Grecale, Libeccio, Ponente, Levante) coming from global perturbations make Sardinia island a paradise for kiteboarding (percentage of useful windy days is over 50% –

Though many beaches of Sardinia are suitable for kitesurfing, some beach of South Sardinia, because of the particular conditions of wind, landscape and sea bottom, are universally acknowledged to be “perfect spots” for kitesurfing:

  • Poetto – Municipalities of Cagliari and St. Helens
  • La Maddalena Spiaggia – City of Capoterra
  • Porto Botte – City of San Giovanni Suergiu
  • Chia – City of Domus de Maria
  • Villasimius

Poetto, the beach of Cagliari, stretches for about 9 km from Sella del Diavolo until Margine Rosso.
Mistral (off-shore), Scirocco and Levante are all useful winds for kitesurfing. Down the beach, the conditions of Poetto change and it is possible to find more or less wind and waves at each stop.
The features of Poetto (wide beach and sandy bottom) make it easy for beginners who want to learn kitesurfing and fun for riders who want to dabble in the wave or try a new trick of freestyle.

La Maddalena Spiaggia
La Maddalena Spiaggia (La Maddalena beach), about 1 km long and 30 meters wide, is located in the district of Capoterra, 20 minutes by car from Cagliari.
This spot, better known as Petrol Beach because is in the middle between the Saras refinery and the industrial area of Macchiareddu (site of others oil and gas companies) and because during the day several petrol ship cruise off the beach, is very clean.
The best wind is the thermal wind (breeze) that blows with an intensity of 10-20 knots during the hottest days (usually from April to October) from 12 pm to 17 pm.
During the summer, with no other perturbations, there is only one spot for kitesurfing without fail: La Maddalena Spiaggia.


Porto Botte
Porto Botte, located in the District of San Giovanni Suergiu (Carbonia Iglesias) is a 2 km sandy beach with a sandy bottom.

It is usually not crowded in August too and therefore is ideal for beginners, which can safely drift and go back to the start point by walk, and good for expert kiters that can enjoy all the big available space for their tricks.
The spot is super with Mistral that blows giving flat water.


The beach of Chia, with is sandy beaches and cristal water, has a very high number of windy days: Grecale, Levante, Scirocco, Libeccio and Mistral are useful winds for kitesurfing though some of them is off-shore.
During the summer season (from June to September), the spot of Chia is almost unworkable for kitesurfing because of many bathers and the lack of a lane launch.


Villasimius is famous for its beaches and for its windy spots.
One of the best spots for kitesurfing is Villasimius is Campulongu, with its fine and white sand, its crystal water and its Mediterranean maquis.
The best winds for kitesurfing are Ponente and Libeccio, both onshore and surfable.
During the summer season (from June to September), Villasimius is almost unworkable for kitesurfing because of many bathers and the lack of a lane launch.

Kitegeneration, Kiteboarding school in Cagliari
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