March in Uri with the Artichoke Festival

It is a tradition still young, that of the Artichoke Festival of Uri, in the province of Sassari. The first event is, actually, dated 1990. Not so young, however, is the tradition of growing artichokes as well as that of producing exceptional wine, olive oil and cheese.

From Uri traditions, then, comes the invitation to discover its treasures  food, food and craft: the key players that contribute to the success of the Artichoke Festival.

Obviously, the Artichoke Festival of Uri is a complete festive time and does not forget culture, folklore and fun, as in the good tradition of Sardinian parties.

Those who are attracted to this event offered by the town of Uri, however, have clear in mind their purpose: the tastings. Among the stands you will have the opportunity to taste the artichoke declined in various dishes derived from tradition or creative cuisine.

Uri is easy to reach, since it is a few miles from two major centers such Sassari and Alghero,  in the North East of Sardinia.

As for the Artichoke Festival of Samassi, The Artichoke Festival of Uri is the confirmation of this product as an excellence of Sardinia agricoltural production.

The appointment with the Artichoke Festival of Uri, then, for the second Sunday of March each year.

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