Marriage Selargino: campidani tradition

Selargino Marriage is one of the most charming and special traditions that are handed down in Sardinia. In Selargius  when a couple get married all the village, with neighbors villages, participate actively in their party. The spouses and villagers dress with rich clothes of the Campidanese folklore.

The wedding procession of the groom and the bride, which proceed separately for the town’s streets decorated with palms and flowers, is headed by their fathers. The two processions are preceded by launeddas players, drummers from Oristano and tumbarinos from Gavoi. The girls of Selargius take on the head wicker baskets containing bread and cakes.

According to the tradition of Selargino marriage, in church the rite is celebrated in the Sardinian “campidanese” language and the couple write on parchment their promises of love, which are kept under lock and key for 25 years in the church of San Giuliano before they can be reopened.

After the ceremony the bride and the groom come new home and receive the blessing of mothers who, after having made theme genuflect, sprinkle the head of auspicious salt and wheat. The bride gives a garland of orange flowers to her best friend wishing to get married within the year.

The party of Selargino marriage ends with a enormous banquet accompanied by dances and songs.

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