Miniature park of Sardinia

Sardegna in miniaturaTake a ride in a miniature theme park in Sardinia means making a tour of the island in one day. The park, created in 1999, contains within itself the geological, historical and cultural significant of Sardinia, like the  scale reproductions of the most famous monuments of the island. 50 .000 square meters of extension with a path that branches off from villages, museums and planetarium.

The nuragic village for example is a life-size reconstruction of houses in Sardinia arose 3000 years ago. In this area you can see how it was worked bronze and clay and understand how the population was politically organized. It is very consistently represented the life that was conducted during the Iron Age.

Sardinia in miniature has also a museum astronomy, in which technological reconstructions, original artifacts, exibit on the severity, rebuilding the soil of the Moon and Mars, take visitors to the knowledge of the universe. And then a planetarium, a rainforest reproduced in a biosphere, a permanent exhibition devoted to Darwin.

Miniature park of Sardinia, near Barumini, also enjoys a privileged position: the green valley below the plateau of the Giara of Tuili.


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